Bafin International Representation is a trading company established in Lebanon in 2009. After 10 years in the market, Bafin opened a new office in northern Portugal in 2019
We are specialized in importing and exporting
a wide range of products worldwide, supplying
from and to several continents.
We are always focused on offering the best prices, products and service to our customers, meeting the particular necessities of each one. Our customers are mainly supermarket chains and distributors in Africa, but we are also using our expertise to expand our business worldwide.
Our core business is frozen meat and other food products, such as flour, rice, beans, sugar, oil, canned products, biscuits and vegetables, but we also work with several other items, establishing new partnerships according to our customers' requests.
Offer quality, innovative, healthy, tasty and competitively priced food, providing well-being and happiness to people.
We collaborate for the development of society, with successful and sustainable partnerships, being a reference of respect for people and the environment, ethics, creativity, availability to serve, simplicity and love for what we do.
Agility, Ethic, Respect, Simplicity